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Our passion.

No matter the age, no matter the manufacturer; let Corino Marine Services, LLC help you restore that vintage boat or engine you've dreamed about! You can expect upfront advice on the dos and don'ts and whether or not proceeding with your restoration meets your financial and practical expectations. We always submit a formal estimate to you and then discuss project details together until a perfect plan is in place.

Rebuilding Engines:

We partner with a local, talented, and very qualified machine shop here in Portland, OR that know their marine engines! Corino Marine Services will completely and accurately strip your vintage marine engine down to what is called a "long-block" and then have the machine shop accurately restore every internal component to better than new condition and ensure that all marine specifications are strictly adhered to. While the long-block is being machined, we will inspect, rebuild or replace every other component that gets bolted onto the engine as necessary to ensure a perfectly operating engine. All of the components will then be re-assembled and the engine placed back in the boat and sea-trailed for proper operation and performance.

Restoring a vintage engine is not just a regular rebuild or repower. Understanding the engineering of the past and practices of the future is essential to a successful vintage rebuild.

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