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Say goodbye to costly service yards. And say hello to remote support.

Using Video to Troubleshoot and Advise

Corino Marine Services is proud to offer troubleshooting, training, and support via video! Over the phone troubleshooting and repair advice is limited and often impossible as the technician helping you cannot see what you are seeing. Using live video puts me right there along side you. I can walk you through most diagnostics and repairs if I can see it with you. Of course a little mechanical aptitude on your end is always helpful, but not required! What is required, however, are a few basic hand tools and the willingness to learn something new!

As a former Adjunct Technical Instructor for the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), I was responsible for training and certifying marine industry professionals in the fields of Diesel Engines, Gasoline Engines, and Marine Systems. I thoroughly enjoy and have a passion for the training environment. Helping you solve problems in real time will not only get your boat back up and running, but will also leave you with newly learned skills to help yourself in the future while also saving big money

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